I teach the fibroid freedom lifestyle thru womb detoxing, Movement and Strategic Self Care.
You will change your mindset.
You will eliminate symptoms and cravings.
You will change your life. I will help you create a life of balance and fibroid freedom. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to create a new lifestyle. This plan will help you create new neural pathways and shifts in your thinking.

3 Actions steps in my program that you will take to eliminate fibroids:

1)Strategic Self Care planning

2)Womb Detoxing


What is
The Plan?

The plan involves movement and detoxing your skin,gut,womb,body,mind and spirit along with creating a Strategic Self Care plan to create a life of fibroid freedom,balance and satisfaction. This is not medical advice. I help you create womb wellness strategies for your personal situation. Wanna see if we are a good fit? Book your 15 minute discovery call here

Black women and girls are often an underserved demographic and are likely by 80% to be diagnosed with uterine fibroids. This is why we center and cater to Black women and girls.


If you are Black parent, guardian or Black woman searching for healthy solutions to creating a happy, healthy menstrual cycle and womb wellness lifestyle, you are in the right place if you can relate:

You do not have the language or the courage to speak to your daughter about her menstrual cycle. 

You have had 1 womb surgery or procedure and want to remain fibroid free, naturally.

You have painful periods, heavy bleeding, incontinence, anemia or BV and you want to lessen and eliminate these symptoms with all natural womb wellness and strategic, transformational self care techniques.

I teach women how to transition into a Fibroid Freedom lifestyle by using movement, holistic, all natural strategies and providing resources.
I am radically honest and will provide feedback this way.
I work with women who are open-minded, willing to participate and ready to commit to being intentional in every area of their life about their healing.
I will also share tips on how to choose the right medical professional for your situation.
If you have struggled with fibroids, had surgery or procedure to keep them from coming back, this is the program for you.
If you struggle with anemia, heavy periods, cramps, BV or acne, this is for you.
You are in the right place if you want to create your own all natural Fibroid Freedom lifestyle.
I can help you create this lifestyle if you are intentional, committed, honest with yourself,listen well,follow directions,are willing to do your own due diligence and have integrity.



You are here because you are a self-starter.
You are here because you understand that I am sharing with you my experience in passing fibroids naturally and that you will be doing your own work, as I am still on this journey with you.
Congrats on showing up to take better care of yourself!!
You will teach the world how to treat you AND how to treat themselves in return. What a lovely, reciprocal gift! 


If you are a looking for a quick fix,dwell in lack or expect me to do your work for you, this is not the place for you.