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I teach the fibroid freedom lifestyle thru womb detoxing, Movement and Strategic Self Care.
You will change your mindset.
You will eliminate symptoms and cravings.
You will change your life. I will help you create a life of balance and fibroid freedom. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to create a new lifestyle. This plan will help you create new neural pathways and shifts in your thinking.

3 Actions steps in my program that you will take to eliminate fibroids:

1)Strategic Self Care planning

2)Womb Detoxing


Services and Offerings
We offer:
*Personal 1 on 1 sessions
*Corporate, small business and *Social justice workplace wellness workshop packages

*Menstrual Rites of Passage Parties for girls ages 11-17 yrs.

Black women and girls are often an underserved demographic and are likely by 80% to be diagnosed with uterine fibroids. This is why we center and cater to Black women and girls.


If you are Black parent, guardian or Black woman searching for healthy solutions to creating a happy, healthy menstrual cycle and womb wellness lifestyle, you are in the right place if you can relate:

You do not have the language or the courage to speak to your daughter about her menstrual cycle.

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