I am madam cj.
Certified Dance Fitness Instructor at
Piedmont Women's Heart Support and
Vertical Joes,
Certified Strategic Self Care Ambassador
Certified Yoni Steam Therapist
Author of,"Passing Fibroids Naturally"









 I teach action-taking, non- gossipy Black women 18 and up, how to transition into a F*ck These Fibroids Strategic Self Care lifestyle by using movement/dance, holistic, all natural strategies and providing resources.
I am radically honest and will provide feedback this way.
I work with Black women who are open-minded, willing to participate and ready to commit to being intentional in every area of their life about their healing. I will also share tips on how to choose the right medical professional for your situation.
I met Dr Eshe the Herblady in 2009 after my own uterine fibroid diagnosis. Her Womb Detox tonic, she created for fibroid elimination. Changed my life. She taught me how to make soap, how to work with the moon and about Wombloveology. Her mentoring led me to start Divine Clementine's Soap on A Rope now known as Divine Clementine Bath and Body. 
My why for this is because this work is ancestral work for me. Hattie Pegues is my great-great maternal grandmother. She was a midwife during slavery. Evelyn Marion-Carter, my maternal grandmother was a CNA and died of uterine fibroids. Hence the name, Hattie Evelyn's Movement Apothecary. I am not a medical Dr, and this is not medical advice. I am a Certified Dance Fitness Instructor who shares well researched and proven wellness strategies that have been helping me and others eliminate fibroid symptoms.
If you have struggled with
*Had surgery or procedure to keep them from coming back
*Heavy, painful periods,
*BV or acne, this is program for you.
You are in the right place if you want t0 create your own all natural F*Ck These Fibroids and Strategic Self Care lifestyle.
I can help you create this lifestyle if you are:
*Honest with yourself
*Listen well
*Follow directions
*Are willing to do your own due diligence and have integrity.



You are here because you are a self-starter.
You are here because you understand that I am sharing with you my experience in passing fibroids naturally and that you will be doing your own work, as I am still on this journey with you.
You are here because you do not mind extending your self-care boundaries,
unapologetically. Congrats on showing up to take better care of yourself!! You are teaching the world how to treat you AND how to treat themselves in return. What a lovely, reciprocal gift! 



If you are reactive with your own self care(waiting until it is too late)looking for a quick fix, over think, procrastinate, dwell in lack, self sabotage by putting others before you and your own needs, talk bad about people or expect me to do your work for you, this is not the place for you.


I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids in 2008. 
After years of living in survival mode, yo-yo detoxing and having no strategic self-care plan, I got focused and committed to what I call the "F*ck These Fibroids" and Strategic Self-Care lifestyle in 2017. In 30 days, I healed myself of anemia and incontinence.
Soon after I started passing pieces of fibroids, on my own.