You are here because you are an action taking Black woman tired of fibroids and their symptoms: bv, heavy bleeding, bloating, anemia and painful periods ready to commit to your menstrual health and wellness. I can help you with this because I no longer suffer from  these symptoms. 

      Together we will create your own personal Strategic Self Care and Womb Wellness Plan.  What I like to call the "F*ck These Fibroids" Lifestyle.


 Without going strictly going plant based, doing exercises you hate or worrying about being perfect. 

Movement& Dance 

Dance helps us destress, is fun and has emotional,mentalphysical and social benefits. Dance improves our memory and concentration, our weight and metabolism when combined with nutrition. Dance has 31 benefits!

We help you create a 90 Day Strategic Self Care& Wellness  Plan

Strategic Self Care helps us 
transform binuaral pathways and conquer overwhelm, while creating a life of balance and satisfaction.

We help you create the right nutrition and juice plan using the Blood Type Diet Lifestyle.We also help you get clear on environmental and emotional toxins that feed fibroids.  

The best way to get started is to grab a free chapter on the complete list of fibroid feeding environmental toxins aka xenoestrogens, of my ebook,"Passing Fibroids Naturally". Click here 

What Clients Are Saying 

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